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I Can Cam
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Welcome to I_Can_Cam

Hello everyone. Welcome to I Can Cam, a community where everyone loves to camwhore themselves, and pretty much anything else that is special to them. One can post pictures of yourself in a new outfit you got, a picture of you cat, of a local field etc. ANYTHING that you feel like sharing.

* Please, always use a lj-cut. If you do not know what that is then please contact one of the moderators and we will explain. Or go to Lj help. Thank you. All entries without a lj-cut will be deleted.
*Lets keep this PG okay. When we say "I'm a cam whore" we mean in an obsessive way, not in a pornographic sense. So, lets keep it clean ok? Thanks. Anyone to violate this rule will be banned.
*Lets not bash eachothers pictures or whatever. If you dont like the way someone cropped a picture, or you dont like the subject then you dont have to comment on it. Criticism is allowed however. There IS a difference.
*Listen to the mods at all times. If they tell you do to something, do it.
*Go cam shit! Go! Hurry!

Hey guys, here are your loverly moderaters. Please be kind to them because they are the ones keeping up on this community and without them you would be lonely little camwhores.


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Nicknames: Pinky, Shay, Sushi, Happy Feet.
Age: 16
Likes: MUSIC, international cultures and languages, making friends, camwhoring, fashion (Lolita, Fruits, punk, japanese street fashion), singing, acting, being silly and having a good time, rainy days, ducks, cute things, dark things, wings, movies,umbrella's, ville valo, drawing, art, lip peircings, love, anime, manga, black, yellow, green, my boyfriend, sushi, pocky, korean drama's, japanese drama's, Jun matsumoto, Antic Cafe, Bou, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, concerts, moshpits, hightops, hello kitty, having photoshoots with myself, dancing like a tool in front of my mirror, shoes, clothes, funny faces, summer in philly, milkshakes, roleplaying, fanfictions.
Dislikes: War, bush, ignorant people, close minded people, perverts (the 70 year old stalker type XD), counrty music, cowboy movies, the sound of music, ugly shoes, cold weather, snow.
Email: jumpformylove@hotmail.com
IM: Laltue
MSN: jumpformylove@hotmail.com
Gaia: Step.it.babe

I heart making friends so come on over to my journal and request to be added if we have anything in common. I love to look at pictures and you can be sure I'll be a comment whore as well. x3 ♥ Aza aza fighting!


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Name: Whitney Whatever
Age: Sixteen
Likes: Music, writing, Iron Maiden, animals, sleeping, characters, Kill Hannah, taking pictures, watching History Channel specials with my brother, being a music nazi, listening to music with my brother, scene kids, bad hair on other people, my amazing cat Hermione, hearts, staying up too late, concerts, driving too fast at night, picking on people, fashion, pretending I have style, piercings, yelling, being bratty, making stupid faces, laughing, buying clothes I won't wear in a week, my friends that are adorable, being an English Nazi, singing and dancing in the car, rolepaying, being insane and unbearable, teasing my dog Snitter, Hermione and Snitter in general, farina, inside jokes, My Little Ponies, bad vampire movies, etc.
Dislikes: Everything, being awake, going to school, people's bullshit, my weight, country, rap, people liking the same music I do unless it's Iron Maiden because everyone should like Iron Maiden, my dog Snitter, people that ask if I feel bad when I'm mean, just about everything.

I'm much more approachable than it seems even though I come of as a mean person all the time. I love making friends but am painfully shy. I brag a lot about everything but really am a nice person that will always listen and offer advice.
IM at killwhitneydeadk. I love talking.
Add me at the_sweetrelief

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. Thanks!