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Maintainer Post

It's come to my realization that no one posts here. I don't post here anymore. Michelle (lifesboulevard) got herself a new username and I don't think she even remembers this place. We have two members (four including Michelle and I).

I don't know what to do to get this place hopping. I try to get more members and no one joins. It's hard to get a community 'hopping' with only four members. Any ideas? I'm getting close to just dropping this community, removing it from my friends list, and getting on with my life.

But that's sad and I don't want that to happen.



because this sad place seems to not get alot of loving and i always forget to post here..


Apr. 16th, 2007

ok so I'm new here.
My name is Sapphire I'm from the Netherlands. I'm 20 years old and cuurently an illustration art student but next year I will start my Photography study.

I wanted to post something so this is what I did yesterday

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wanna see more of my work? most is on my Deviant Art http://sapphire-art.deviantart.com/
I saw Kill Hannah last weekend and bought two shirts. You had to expect pictures at some point.

still you cannot bear all this pain..these are lyrics but not from a Kill Hannah songCollapse )

Hey guys. :]


first post here probly not the last, hur hur
here are my new favourite winter shoes or mukluks as their called. their so sweet and warm and covered with real rabbit hair its like petting a cat :DCollapse )

first photo post...joy

Thought I'd break this communities photopost virginity.

Showing off my custom Alarum shirt. It's my favorite shirt for sure.

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This shirt is spectacular. With the help of Crafterbynite it went from a men's large shirt to a custom fit, off-the-shoulder long-sleeved shirt. It is amazingly well made and absolutely worth the $45 I spent to get it made. Since getting this shirt I've purchased two other shirts made by her and have not been disappointed in her work yet.

(end plug..haha, sorry guys, but she really deserves the plug.)


Members Only.

Comment to be Added.

Hey everyone. If you would like to join, please leave a comment requesting to do so. Please answer the following questions as well.

#1: Name?
#2: Age?
#3: Why would you like to join?
#4: Favorite color please.

Just to get to know everyone a bit.

Ok! Thanks!